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Illustrations by    Hallie Bateman

Illustrations by Hallie Bateman

A Simple Task (The Verge)

"It’s becoming harder to make these machines humorous and playful, but it’s important to try," she said. "A lot of people think of engineering as a very serious career. Which it is! But it’s important to take things lightly, to laugh, to learn from mistakes."

Photography by  Andrew White

Photography by Andrew White

Out of the Wild (The Verge)

In 2008, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation conducted a survey of Staten Island’s deer population. The biologist who searched the woods estimated there were approximately 24 white-tailed deer in the borough. Last winter, the New York City Parks Department conducted an aerial, infrared survey of the island and found 793 individuals — an apparent 3,304 percent increase in just six years.

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