Fascism and the Far Right

I’ve been covering fascism and the far right for a variety of publications since early 2016.


The Antifascist Question” (The Baffler) – August 29

The Business of Cruelty” (The Baffler) – August 13

Border ProfiteersThe Baffler no. 46

On a recent sunny spring afternoon in Texas, a couple hundred Border Patrol agents, Homeland Security officials, and salespeople from a wide array of defense and security contractors gathered at the Bandera Gun Club about an hour northwest of San Antonio to eat barbecue and shoot each other’s guns. The techies wore flip-flops; the veterans wore combat boots. Everyone had a good time. They were letting loose, having spent the last forty-eight hours cooped up in suits and ties back at San Antonio’s Henry B. Gonzalez convention center, mingling and schmoozing, hawking their wares, and listening to immigration officials rail about how those serving in enforcement agencies are not, under any circumstances, Nazis.

White Supremacy Is Bigger Than 8Chan” (The Nation) – March 15, 2019

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An Afternoon With Portland’s ‘Multiracial’ Far Right” (The Nation) – August 6, 2018

Illustration: Jim Cooke

Illustration: Jim Cooke

The Fascist Right Is Bloodied and Soiled (Splinter)

In the process of trying to build an autonomous political force, amid the factional jostling and the infighting and the violence and the failure, the so-called “alt-right,” to the extent that such a thing exists outside of mainstream and social media at all, has revealed its true nature: It is not a political movement conventionally understood, with a platform or a set of demands, or even a recognizable ideological perspective, but a constantly shifting network of personality cults, animated by misogyny, racism, and a libidinal desire for violence.

Illustration: Jim Cooke

Illustration: Jim Cooke

How Did a White Supremacist Get a Job as an Equal Employment Officer? (Splinter)

“I work within the existing political system,” he said. “I treat people as they are.”

"There Is No Such Thing as 'White Genocide'" (Jezebel) – December 26, 2016

"Stop Calling Them the 'Alt-Right'" (Jezebel) – November 21, 2016

Illustration: Jim Cooke

Friendly Fire in the American Patriot Death Cult (Gawker)

“When it comes to overthrowing a government, you have to start off peacefully.”