I’ve covered workplace struggles since 2015, reporting on office cleaners, prison labor, and Amazon workers. I’m also a member of the Strikewave editorial collective.

Illustration:  Glenn Harvey

Illustration: Glenn Harvey

Whole Foods Worker: ‘Mid-level People… Don’t Trust Whole Foods Corporate Anymore.’” (OneZero/Medium) – March 18, 2019

“Whole Foods has these really high retail standards — execution standards, organic compliance. If you cut back on labor and consolidate positions and give people less resources but you don’t change the standards, then that is extremely stressful. Any team member that’s been in a Whole Foods in the past five years would probably describe it like that — it’s just a lot of pressure.”

Illustration:  Glenn Harvey

Illustration: Glenn Harvey

Amazon Flex Driver: ‘They kind of oversaturated the market… Now there’s no work to be had.’ (OneZero/Medium) – March 4, 2019

“Five years from now, would I be at all surprised if Amazon had their own delivery service, hired their own delivery employees, and had their own vans and everything else? It wouldn’t surprise me in the least. That’s kind of the direction everything is heading.”


Some WeWorkers Are More We Than Others (The Awl)

The cleaners — some of whom had worked in the WeWork offices for three years or more — went public with their union organizing effort on June 18th. A week later, CBM told WeWork that it would be terminating its contract with the company in New York City, effective August 23rd. (CBM is still WeWork’s cleaning contractor in Boston and Washington, D.C.)

"The Workers Behind WeWork" – July 2, 2015

"Where Will WeWork?" – May 7, 2015