I’ve covered workplace struggles since 2015, reporting on office cleaners, prison labor, and Amazon workers. I’d like to focus on this more, so please reach out if you’ve got a story ideas!

Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty

Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty

Confessions of a U.S. Postal Worker: “We deliver Amazon packages until we drop dead.” (Medium)

Earlier this year, Amazon became the second U.S.-based company to be valued at more than $1 trillion. Yet for all its dominance and efficiency, Amazon relies on a dusty, centuries-old system to deliver at least a third—and possibly as much as half—of its packages around the country: the United States Postal Service.

Photo:  AP

Photo: AP

Inmate Labor Organizer on Hunger Strike After Being Moved to One of Alabama's 'Most Notorious' Prisons (Jezebel)

“We have had instances where we have appointments that were scheduled and we find out the day before or the day of that the inmate has been moved or even released.”


Some WeWorkers Are More We Than Others (The Awl)

The cleaners — some of whom had worked in the WeWork offices for three years or more — went public with their union organizing effort on June 18th. A week later, CBM told WeWork that it would be terminating its contract with the company in New York City, effective August 23rd. (CBM is still WeWork’s cleaning contractor in Boston and Washington, D.C.)

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