Podcasts and Radio

I have appeared on some podcasts.

The Trillbilly Worker’s Party

The Trillbillies had me on to discuss my reporting on the Tanton network.

This Is Hell!

I joined This Is Hell! to discuss “How the Proud Boys joined the Republican Party.”

The Colin McEnroe Show (WNPR)

I talked about my reporting for The Nation from Portland and Washington, D.C., in a segment asking "Is The White Nationalist Movement Falling Apart Or Getting Leaner And Meaner?"

The District Sentinel

I've spoken to The District Sentinel twice, most recently to discuss my reporting with Fusion TV's Danny Rivero on the VOICE program and previously to dig into the Islamophobic smear campaign against Keith Ellison.

Sea Change Radio

Nothing is more fun than to contemplate than global environmental cataclysm, which is what I did with Sea Change Radio.

Discourse Collective

I talked through the possible horrors of a constitutional convention with Discourse Collective.